Welcome to Spray Paint & Chardonnay!  SP&C was created in 2009 to chronicle my adventures—and misadventures—in decorating and designing my first home.  And, what started simply as a creative outlet has quickly become a passion.  From budget-friendly decorating ideas to do-it-yourself entertaining, I love sharing creative ways to add personal touches to your home or party.


It’s really true that a good coat of spray paint or a heavy pour of wine can pretty much fix just about any problem.  From a dated piece of home décor to a less-than-awesome day, spray paint or wine is always the answer.  And since you’re here, I feel like I can be honest with you–I hate Chardonnay.  Much like my personal style, my taste in wine has evolved over the years and the driest white wine available is always my choice.  However, ‘Spray Paint & Sauvignon Blanc’ doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, now does it?  So, here we are.  Ok, it feels so much better to get that off my chest!


I’ve lived in Austin, Texas for 16 years and I’ve had the privilege of working at both ends of Austin’s broad spectrum: live music and state government.  When I’m not at work or blogging, you can typically find me at a flea market, antique sale, or happy hour.  If shopping were an Olympic sport, I’d undoubtedly win gold. I’m also shamelessly obsessed with the Today Show, Willie Nelson, and my cat NoNo the Christmas Kitty.

Update! I recently sold my beloved town home–my home for 7.5 years!–and am in the process of my very first remodel.  There will lots to blog about, so be sure to follow along!