The Nate Berkus Show Experience

As some of you might recall, this January I ventured to New York (it was my first time!) to attend a taping of The Nate Berkus Show.  The episode I attended airs tomorrow (click here to find your station), and I’m so excited to watch it! Four months later, here’s a quick recap of my ‘Nate Berkus Experience’…

They instructed us to be at CBS Studios by 9:30am, so being the severely OCD person that I am, I arrived at 8:00am on the dot–and was third in line.  After waiting well over an hour, and meeting lots of nice people in line, the producers came out to check us all in.  I showed the producers my ID, they numbered my ticket, and then wrote ‘VIP.’  Not knowing what that meant, I did a mental happy dance, and just went along with it.



They then directed me to a ‘special line’ where a page (who described herself to be much like Kenneth from ’30 Rock’) took us to our own greenroom where we were to fill out paperwork and treat ourselves to some Starbucks.  And after waiting for an hour and a half in the New York cold, I was VERY happy to do so.  After waiting for a short while in the green room, the page then led us to the studio for the filming–where I got to sit in the front section. Cue another mental happy dance.


The main guest of the show was Mrs. Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  For those of you who know me, I’m obsessed with all things Bravo, so getting to see a real life Housewife made me all kinds of giddy.  Other segments included a bedroom makeover, tips on how to incorporate Hollywood glam into your home, and how to plan a DIY dinner party.  I was thoroughly amazed at how quickly the crew could piece together a room or vignette only to break it down (at break-neck speed) 4 minutes later during commercial break. Efficient!
Being able to attend a live taping of The Nate Berkus Show was seriously a dream come true.  Only if I had actually had BEEN on the show itself, could my experience have been beat. I had such an amazing time seeing the behind-the-scenes–and seeing Nate in the flesh!
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