Make Up: Don’t Sweat It!

It’s no secret that it’s surface-of-the-sun hot in Texas.  That being said, I’ve made it my goal to master the art of finding makeup that won’t melt off as soon as I walk outside.  No matter the occasion (well, maybe except, like, a triathlon or something…but who am I kidding?!) these products have proven to keep my face in place for hours at a time.

Summer Makeup


Stila stay all day 10-in-1 hd beauty balm — I received a sample of this in my last month’s BirchBox, and I’m obsessed.  While I’ve tried other beauty balms (or ‘BB creams’ as they’re likely called), they just didn’t seem to do the trick.  Applying this before your foundation or powder will ensure staying power for the rest of the day.
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer (in Eden) —  Proven miracle product! I’ve used this primer for years, and it never disappoints.  I even started to put it under my eyes to keep any under eye concealer in place.  It prevents creasing, smudging, and the magic disappearing act eyeshadow can sometimes do.
MAC Studio Fix Powder — Sometimes applying foundation/base in the summer feels too ‘cake-y,’ so I like to use MAC’s Studio Fix, as it’s a powder & foundation in one.  It’s light enough for the Texas heat, yet it has enough coverage to camouflage any imperfections and give you a flawless canvas to work with.  Paired with the Stila’s Beauty Balm, it’s a winning combination to beat the heat.
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind — This little wand literally acts like an eraser.  It immediately hides dark circles and red spots, and blends flawlessly. If you were to ask me, “What’s one product you couldn’t live without?” it would definitely be this gem. I have four or five tubes between my purse, bathroom, and car. I never leave home without it!
Make Up Forever Aqua Cream Eye Shadow — Another obsession.  I apply this (in ‘taupe brown shimmer’) on the base of my eyelids before I apply regular eyeshadow. This cream has quite the staying power and adds an extra layer of ‘oomph!’ to your normal shadow.  Also, check out their Aqua Shadow sticks, they’re great for highlighting and creating a sexy ‘smokey eye.’
Sonia Kashuk Instructional Eye Palette — This is the BEST palette for matte neutral shadows I’ve found. (Hint: Matte shadows are the best for photographs, as the shimmery shadows tend to reflect the flash and make you look ‘washed out.’).  It even comes with step-by-step application instructions. Almost too good to be true!
Urban Decay NAKED Palette — UD’s NAKED Palette is all the rage on the blogosphere. It’s the perfect mix of matte and shimmery shadows (and even a little glittery!) to give you that perfect look. I like to blend the colors from this with the Sonia Kashuk Palette.
Tom Ford Brow Sculptor — The best thing that has happened to my brows (other than Emily at Sabia and her phenom waxing skills…) The calligraphy tip of the pen gives you the ability to sculpt the perfect brow. There’s also a built it brow brush to keep those stray hairs at bay.  I like to apply a clear brow gel (try Boots No. 7 Lash & Brow Perfector) afterward, to make sure they stay in place!
Make Up Forever Aqua Liner — Water proof, sweat proof, smudge proof — this liner certainly knows it’s place. The tiny foam tip allows you to create either or thin or thick line–and it’s also great for creating that fun little cat eye ‘wing.’ Just don’t go all ‘Amy Winehouse’ with it…
CoverGirl LashBlast Waterproof Volume Mascara — You’ve all seen the Drew Barrymore commercials, I’m sure–but this stuff SERIOUSLY works. While it can tend to be a little clumpy (nothing a comb can’t fix!), it wrote the book on staying power. Seriously, it will last for days…not that I know from personal experience…
bareMinerals READY Bronzer — This pressed bronzer (I use ‘The High Dive’) gives you that I-just-got-back-from-the-beach glow that everyone lusts for during the summer. Sweep it over the apples of your cheeks, cheekbones, and a little on your T-Zone. A little bit goes a long way, so don’t over do it!
MAC Lip Pencil (in Whirl) — This shade blends perfectly with any shade of lip stick or gloss your choose. From neutrals to bright pinks and corals, it’s been my go-to liner for years.
L’Oreal Infallible Plumping Lipgloss (in Plumped Tawny, 806) —  I recently discovered this lipgloss a few months ago, and it was an immediate ‘favorite.’  It’s the perfect shade for any skin tone, it stays for HOURS, and it even has a little plumping factor to give you that perfect pout. I highly recommend!
Now…just how do you get OFF all of this long-lasting make up, you ask? There’s nothing better than the Clarisonic. While it is a little pricey, it’s worth its weight in gold for the things it’s done for my skin. I know I’ve said this about a lot of things in this post, but I’m obsessed.
If you’re still reading at this point, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re done! If anyone has any questions about techniques or products, message me!

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  1. The Cozads

    I love my Clairsonic! It is just a delight to use as part of the nightly routine.

    So tell me more about Birchbox. Why do you like it? What do you get, etc? How long have you been a member and would you recommend it?

  2. Joey Medina

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