Round Top Antique Weekend 2012

Ladies, clear your calendars because Texas Antique Weekend is here–and I’ve been in ultimate preparation mode.  Remember those Target Christmas commercials with the crazed woman training for her shopping spree? Now you have a visual–minus the velour track suit. Eww.

Earlier this year at Antique Weekend I procured my beloved bar cart, so I can’t wait to see what I’m able to scavenge this time! As part of my bi-annual preparation, I’ve been making a mental list of items to keep an eye out for. And they are:


While my affinity for white (and black, for Halloween) milk glass still rings true, I discovered this chartreuse colored cake stand while in Memphis over the summer.  The price tag was a little too steep for me, so I’m keeping this on my radar while in Round Top with hopes of finding a cheaper version.


I never tire of kitschy bookends, so I’ll certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for some such as these darling antelope ones (extra points for brass!)


And while I already have a pair of these (that I scored for $10, mind you), it never hurts to add to your collection, right? Plus, I think these would make just a darling Christmas gift for the stylish book worm in your life.



And per usual, I’m always looking for anything gold and/or brass.  I’m beginning to wonder if I might not be a descendant of Midas.  Everything just looks better gold–even if I have to spray paint it gold myself!


In last year’s Fall Antique Weekend post, I listed some tips for those of you who might be newbies to the sport of Antiquing.  Here’s a quick refresher for you!

  • Wear comfortable shoes. You’re going to do a nice bit of walking. Tennis shoes or cowboy boots are my fave.
  • Wear something cool. It’s Texas. In September. It’s hot as hell.
    You’re not going to look pretty, so don’t even try. I like to wear work
    out clothes–they can withstand the surface-of-the-sun heat.
  • BRING CASH! Most vendors prefer cash payments over credit cards or checks.
  • Bring a cross-body purse so you’re ‘hands free,’ and able to dig for goods.
  • Bring some recyclable grocery bags or a cart so you can easily haul your goods.Cindy has one of these
    (that she’s fashionably lined with Mexican oil cloth), and it’s a
    LIFESAVER during antique shows. Don’t worry about the fact that you
    might look like a Maw-Maw dragging it around–you’ll get over that
    feeling real fast. It’s the BEST advice I can give you.
  • Haggle. Personally, it took me a while to get this down, but it will
    certainly save you money in the long run. Most items have a sticker
    price, but always ask the vendor if that’s the best they can do. You can
    normally talk them down and even work out a “If I get this, can you
    throw this in for free?” type deal.

Are any of you attending Antique Weekend? If so, let me know what you find! I’ll be sure to report back next week with my goods.  Happy hunting!

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