Coffee Table Styling

I recently purchased a new coffee table, as I wanted to mix more “rustic” pieces into my space.  After a few choice expletives [Why the hell was the allen wrench invented? Can’t the universe agree that we assemble everything with a phillips head? I want to kick ‘Allen’ in the shins…Ok, off my soap box] and a hundred bolts later, the table was complete.  While I thought assembly was the hard part–I now realize that styling my new table has become quite the task.  Here are my staple coffee table accessories.  But after only a day of having the table, I’ve re-styled it at least five times–and I’m not happy with any of it.  Sigh…

I’ve been cruising Pinterest to see how other people are styling their tables, and I’m totally inspired.  There are so many great coffee tables out there!  Here are a few of my favorites.

Stay tuned for the final product in the coming days!


4 thoughts on “Coffee Table Styling

  1. Brittney Hess

    Your posts ALWAYS make me want to run out and buy supplies for a new project! Unfortunately, my 90lb dog's lethal tale is coffee table height. I haven't been able to have one in 8.5 years!!

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