#SXSW – In My Bag

I’m totally guilty of carrying a small suitcase huge handbags, filled to the brim with things I most likely don’t need.  I’ll be carrying a smaller bag for the festival–however, there are few key items that I refuse to leave the house without.  Here are my SXSW necessities…

1. Oribe Dry Texture Spray – My fabulous hairdresser, Rachal, turned me on to all things Oribe during my last appointment, and I’m pretty sure I owe her my first born child because of it.  I might have teared up with excitement upon first using this spray (Dramatic? Me? No.), because it really is the thing hair dreams are made of.  With just a spritz, it adds volume, texture, and makes you look like you just had a blow-out.  Oh, and it smells like baby angels made it by hand.  Ok, Tom Ford made it smell that way, but still. I seriously can’t say enough amazing things about it. [Note: If you were around for ‘Hair Trauma 2011,’ you understand my adoration for things that make my hair look and feel amazing.]

2. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets – These tiny little sheets eliminate that afternoon shine without messing up your make-up.  Plus, by using these before applying powder, you avoid the risk of looking ‘cakey’ come 5:00pm.  And they’re only $4.49.  Boom.

3. Rollerball Perfume – After hours of running from showcase to showcase, everyone could use a little ‘refresher.’ This pint-sized perfume packs a punch, and will leave you smelling fresh as a daisy within seconds.

4. BUXOM Lip Polish in Katie – Ok, so I chose the color based on its name, whatever.  But this gloss also lives up its brand name as well.  High shine and high volume (two things I love)–this plumper will have your lips prepped and ready, should you run into that hot lead singer you’ve been lusting after. I’m looking at you JT.

5. Amazing Concealer – All of those late nights and early mornings are bound to leave a few bags under your eyes.  This concealer is more than accurately named and will cover up any bags or blemishes–all day.  It’s super high coverage and long lasting, so it’s perfect for those days when you don’t have much time for mid-day primping.

Other things to make sure you don’t leave home without: Phone (duh…), ID,  and cash for pedicabs/tips.  [Hint: Pulse cash before you get downtown–ATMs get drained fast!]


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