#SXSW Style – Part 2

While ‘anything goes’ during SXSW, I’ve chosen a few staple pieces that will make the perfect foundation to your SX wardrobe.

1. Chambray Shirt – Goes. With. Everything.  Worn alone or over a cami, it’s extremely versatile.  Also, remember that layering is key, due to Austin’s unpredictable weather.  It can easily go from 75 to 45 in a matter of minutes. Trust.

2. Maxi Skirt – Comfortable, yet chic, a maxi skirt serves as perfect component to any SX outfit.  It easily transitions from day to night–which is convenient considering SX doesn’t allow for many ‘costume changes’ between events. [Hint: If you get too warm during the day, simply knot it up, for completely a different look.]

3. Long Cardi – Again, Austin’s weather is as fickle as Taylor Swift’s love life.  Never trust it.  Having a light weight, yet fabulous, sweater/jacket is ideal during those late SX nights. [Note: I have this cardi, and it’s amazing. Cozy like a robe, yet, acceptable in public.]

4. ‘Leather’ Shorts – Whenever I wear these, I immediately feel like a rockstar–no matter where I am.  They go perfectly with your favorite band shirt [see below], or for a more dressed up look, try pairing them with a silk button down, and some edgy jewelry.

5. Vintage Band Shirt – There’s no better time to rock your favorite concert tee than SX.  Worn with ‘leather’ shorts [above] or these sexy things [on sale!], you’re sure to look the part. For a more day-time look, pair them with your favorite cut-offs and boots.

6. Printed Denim Skimmers – While black skinny jeans seem to be the SX uniform, break away from the pack with these printed cropped jeans.  Believe it not, camo is a neutral–so these can be worn with anything from stripes to neon.

Most importantly, be sure to check the forecast before you hit the streets.  Nothing’s worse than being ill-prepared. Think like a boy scout, ladies.

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