#SXSW Style – Part 3

You’ve got shoes on your feet and clothes on your back.  Now it’s time to complete your look with the proper accessories!

1. Watch – Most artists only play 20-30 minute sets, so make sure you don’t miss your favorites, and be on time!  Plus, all those free drinks go fast…get there early to avoid lines.

2. Sunglasses – My sunglasses philosophy is similar to that of Texas hair: The bigger, the better. Also, with big sunglasses you can pretend like you’re a celebrity.  There are so many in town anyways, no one will know the difference.  Offer to sign some autographs, while you’re at it.  I’m so obsessed with these House of Harlow beauties, that I bought them in multiple colors! Shocking, I know. Afraid of a big lens? Try these more classic shades.

3. Cross-body Bag – When you’re trying to tweet, text your friends for a meet-up spot, and hold your drink all at the same time, being ‘hands free’ is key.  A big heavy handbag will get real annoying real fast, but a medium sized cross-body allows you to carry all of your SX necessities–and look fabulous at the same time.  Looking for a more colorful option? Check out this cutie.

4. Scarf – A perfect festival accessory.  Fashionable and functional, as it will keep you looking on trend all while keeping you warm should it get chilly towards the end of the day.

5. Baubles – No outfit is complete without a little bling.  I’m pretty sure I heard P. Diddy say that once.  Before you head out the door, throw on a  necklace, a bracelet [also here] or two, some earrings, and maybe even a big ol’ cocktail ring if you feel like it!


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