Fall Pumpkin Projects

Once Halloween is over, don’t be so eager to kick those pumpkins to the curb! Unless they’re rotted, of course, then chunk ’em.  As mentioned in my previous post, there are so many fun and festive–and super easy, I might add–projects you can do using pumpkins. Earlier this week on Good Day Austin, I shared some creative ways to take your pumpkin decor straight into fall and even Thanksgiving!
A super simple project is to paint your house number on a pumpkin.  Instead of your house number, you could also paint ‘Welcome,’ ‘The [Insert Your Last Name Here]’ or whatever you like. The options are endless! As mentioned in the clip, I free-handed this one, but there are plenty of stencils available online or at your local craft stores should you want something more ‘precise.’  Another tip, I used a fake pumpkin from the craft store so I can stow it away for next year.
Secondly, the ‘Planter Pumpkin’ is another easy project.  Again, I used a fake pumpkin for this project, but this would be a great ‘re-use’ of your au-natural Halloween pumpkins.  Simply hollow out a pumpkin and place your favorite florals inside. Done and done. 
One of my favorite ideas is the pumpkin ice bucket! Just cut a pumpkin in half, hollow it out, and add ice.  Oh, and then add drinks. Duh. It’s extremely easy and a great conversation piece.  I think a large fairy tale / Cinderella pumpkin ice bucket would be super chic for a Thanksgiving dinner party, by the way.
And you’re going to need something to put those drinks in, so I crafted some festive champagne flutes.  I bought the flutes years ago at IKEA for about $10 for 12, which made them perfect for something like this.  I simply used scrap booking letters from the craft store to stick on each flute and finished them off with tiny tulle bows.  Once your party is over, the stickers peel right off and your flutes are ready for your next soiree! [I thought I was quite the genius when I came up with this one…*self pat-on-the-back*]
Lastly, Keri and I made some darling little place card holders using those tiny pumpkins from the grocery store. These are perfect for any fall gathering and couldn’t have been easier to make.  That being said, it’s a great activity to get your kids involved in!  I used mail tags from the office supply store, but you could also print up something cute on your computer–there are tons of free printables out there!
Never feel like you have to ‘over do it’ when it comes to decorating for the holidays.  All of these projects can easily be done with things you already have lying around the house, so they won’t break the bank and will add just right amount of ‘festive’ to your home!
To see these projects in action, check out my segment from FOX7’s Good Day Austin:


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