DIY: Monogrammed Wine Bag

Sticking with the theme of easy, ‘Do-It-Yourself’ hostess gifts, the easiest of all might have to be the monogrammed wine bag.  You’re most likely going to take wine to a party anyways, so why not make your bottle the most festive of the bunch?! The host will be so impressed and appreciative of your thoughtfulness–and you’ll win at hostess gifting.




First, I slid a legal sized envelope in the wine bag to prevent the paint from bleeding through the bag onto the other side.  You could also use a folded piece of paper or whatever you have lying around the house. I then positioned the stencil where I wanted it, and secured it in place with some tape.

I then dobbed  the paint over the stencil a few times to ensure a solid coat.  If you don’t like the ‘stenciled’ look of the letter, after you pull the stencil off, you can go back with a small paint brush and fill in the spaces to make a ‘full’ letter.



Let the paint dry, this shouldn’t take but 10-15 minutes, and you’re done! Cheers!

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