These Halls are Decked!

I’ve had my house decorated for a little over a week now, and it’s certainly gotten me into the Christmas spirit! It’s such a great mood booster, that I’m tempted to keep it up year ’round.  That and burn ‘nordic pine’ candles until someone takes the lighter out of my cold dead hands.  As you can tell, I take a less conventional approach to Christmas decorations.  Unless disco balls and flamingos are conventional…Here’s a peek at this year’s set up, and since I can’t leave well enough alone, I’m sure I’ll add to it before December 25th! Be sure to follow me on Instagram for latest additions!

That little ‘candle’ by the TV is actually a lava lamp. Be very jealous.  [Above the TV is still a work in progress…]I apparently am missing an Elf on a Shelf…that’s a thing, right?Even Willie has gotten into the holiday spirit!My name is Katie, and I have a disco ball addiction.A teeny tiny tree.

The dining room is decked, and the bar cart is stocked.The table is set! For who?…I’m not sure. But it looks pretty.The tree!Part of my vintage ’12 Days of Christmas’ ornaments!

That’s it! I’m still figuring out how to work my camera [after 3 years], so I’m sorry if the pictures aren’t the best.  But at least they didn’t come from my iPhone…baby steps. Happy Holidays!

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