DIY: Stamped Silverware

Between my mom and I, there’s no lack of vintage silver or china…[seriously, we could host a wedding…]  A few ‘Round Tops’ ago, we noticed some stamped silver pieces, and immediately thought to ourselves, “We can do that!”  So we did.  We purchased some steel stamps, and over the Christmas holidays I went to town on stamping silver–and now I can’t stop!  The process couldn’t be easier, and the finished product makes the sweetest gift!


  • Silverware [I used both silver plate and plain silver]
  • Heavy hammer
  • Steel stamping set
  • Dish cloth
  • Sharpie permanent marker (with a fine tip)
  • Steel wool


First I used the sharpie to mark a ‘guide’ for my stamps. This was definitely a trial and error process as far as making the stamp indentations noticeable enough.  The only thing I found that worked was stamping against concrete, however they also sell stamping blocks, if you’d rather go that route.  I placed the dishtowel underneath my spoon and gave the stamp a good 10-15 whacks with the hammer.  [‘Whacks’ is a technical crafting term, FYI.]After I stamped all of my letters, I went back over them with a Sharpie to really make the stamps show up.  Make sure you use a fine tip sharpie to get down in the crevices.

After the Sharpie, I ran the spoon under warm water and scrubbed it with a fine steel wool to remove excess marker.  And voila!   These are dishwasher and food safe!

I made this spoon for a girlfriend that’s getting married in the spring.  Since it’s the New Year, I tied a little bag of detox tea–I mean, we all need to detox 2013!  You could also do coffee, hot cocoa, etc…

Here are a few others I made over the holiday.  How fun are the cheese marker forks!?  I enlisted my dad to cut the stems off and bend them back, but as a set, they’ll make a great gift!

My friend, Erin, has a fabulous blog and paperie shop, Fig + Cotton [go check it out], so I made her this little spoon to stir her morning coffee as she blogs away!

If you’d like a custom-stamped silver piece for yourself or for a gift, but aren’t the ‘DIY’ type, I’m happy to make it for you!  Click the ‘contact’ button above, and I’d love to create something for you!

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