Party in a Pinch + DIY Cutting Board

‘Girls’ Wine Night’ is at your house tomorrow, and you’ve got nothing prepared, nor do you have the time–or the funds–to raid Whole Foods.  Fear not, because for today’s post, I’ve teamed up with two extremely talented friends and fellow bloggers, Erin of fig + cotton and Stacey of The Tilted Quilt, to share some quick, easy, and economical ideas for your next gathering.
Erin [aka the next coming of Martha Stewart] put together a simple, yet elegant, cheese board that is sure to please the palates of all of your guests. To see her fromage suggestions, click here.
In addition to her festive food spread, she crafted a gorgeous floral arrangement that won’t break the bank.  The gold mint julep cups were a recent eBay purchase I found for $9/ea., but you can find similar options here.
Stacey, the master of the sewing machine, crafted this darling dinner napkin–in Pantone’s ‘Color of the Year’ Radiant Orchid, no less.  Her tutorial is so easy, that even I can do it…and I can barely thread a needle!
And finally, my contribution: the personalized cutting board.  In high school, I loved wood burning anything I could get my hands on [I promise I was remotely cool and had a social life…kind of]. Before Christmas, I asked my mom where my old wood burner was so that I could drum up my skills and do some crafting over the holidays while I was home. My original wood burner had apparently grown legs, so I was pleasantly surprised when a new one presented itself under the Christmas tree.  When coincidentally looking for the aforementioned mint julep cups, I discovered these hot stamps, and with my newly acquired wood burner, it was  match made in DIY heaven.


  • Wood burner
  • Hot stamps
  • Cutting board [I purchased the board below from Garden Ridge for only $4.99!]
  • Pliers
  • Saucer or dish
The stamps only take about a minute to heat up, but be extremely careful when using them. After I stamped each letter, I used the pliers to unscrew the stamp from the wood burner and then placed it in a ceramic dish to cool off. This also prevents them from burning your work table.  After use, the stamps take around 10 minutes to cool, so make sure they’ve completely cooled before attempting to handle them.
These personalized boards make great gifts and will certainly make a statement when entertaining!
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