DIY: Potato Stamped Napkins + Coasters

Summer is finally here and that means that the backyard BBQs have officially commenced!  Instead of boring red solo cups and paper towels, let your backyard gathering stand out among the neighborhood by making these extremely easy potato stamped coasters or napkins!  Potatoes, while being exceptionally tasty, are also great for crafting.  They can be cut or carved into any shape, making them the perfect material for stamping.




First, quarter a baking potato to create a crescent shape.  I didn’t have the perfect “watermelon” color, so I simply mixed together red and white acrylic paint to create the right shade.  Heavily coat the potato with paint and place it on the cork coaster.
Using a small, thin paint brush, trace the curved edge of the watermelon with green paint to make the rind.  Once the pink paint has dried, using an even smaller brush, paint small black dots for the ‘seeds’.
For dinner napkins, repeat the same process, however make sure you use fabric paint as opposed to acrylic craft paint.  Acrylic paint won’t make it through the wash, making all of your hard work for naught!
Made in sets of four or six and tied together with baker’s twine or ribbon, these napkins and coasters make the perfect hostess gift, too!  And with potatoes being so versatile, the options of what you can stamp are virtually endless!
Cats, also, are apparently big fans of potato stamping.  The fact that I didn’t have hot pink paw prints tramped through the house was pretty impressive…


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