Rose Bowl Flea Market

After years of reading that the Rose Bowl Flea Market was one of the best flea markets in the country and watching countless episodes of HGTV’s Flea Market Flip [which I would totally kick ass at, by the way — I’m talking to you, Lara Spencer], I booked a trip to Los Angeles as an ‘early birthday present’ to myself.  Kristen and I brought HUGE suitcases with us, so that we would have plenty of room for all of our ‘treasures,’ and I even brought an extra empty one–just in case.

Our goal was to arrive at the flea in Pasadena by 7:00am, which meant we needed to leave our hotel in Hollywood by 6:15am.  For those that know me, know that I’m not an early riser, but when it comes to shopping, I’m up and at ’em with no problem.  Bless Kristen’s heart for humoring me and getting up before the sun.  Once we arrived, we met up with an old Austin friend, now full-fledged L.A. resident, Audrey.  Audrey attends the flea every month–which makes me really jealous–and was able to show us the ropes, as the flea market is HUGE and can be overwhelming for first-timers.  Following her lead, we whisked through the aisles as I tried to take it all in…and see how many celebrities I could spot.

The Rose Bowl Flea Market, which takes place the second Sunday of every month, is truly a mecca for collectors, designers, and hobbyist alike, as it’s chocked full of vintage wares ranging all eras–particularly mid-century modern.  If only I had means to bring larger items home with me, I would have made quite the haul!  I managed to bring home a couple of brass pieces, some spoons for stamping, and some darling lucite candlesticks.  [Note: Bringing the extra suitcase was a bit overzealous on my part.] In addition to having amazing antiques, the weather was perfect at slightly overcast (aka L.A.’s “June Gloom”) and 65 degrees.  I had such a wonderful time, and can’t thank Kristen and Audrey enough for making my nerdy birthday dreams of going to a big ol’ flea market come true!

Scroll below to see all of the ‘treasures’ that the Rose Bowl Flea Market has to offer!


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