DIY: Burlap Football Coasters

As a follow up to yesterday’s ‘DIY: Pennant Banner’ post, today I’m sharing what to do with those leftover burlap scraps.  Enter, the Football Coaster!  While the burlap I used for the banner had gold dots on it, the other side was plain, so it was perfect canvas [pun somewhat intended] for this rustic Game Day DIY.
I drew a football shape on a plain piece of paper [approx. 4″ x 5″], cut it out, and used it as my pattern.  I simply traced my pattern on to the burlap with chalk and then cut out my football shapes. With plain white craft paint and a thin paintbrush, I traced the edge to define the football shape and added the laces.  Now…your guests will be impressed and your tabletops will be ring-free!


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