DIY: Duct Tape Pumpkin

Yes, you read that correctly–duct tape.  The other morning on the Today Show, Family Fun Magazine shared some kid and budget friendly Halloween party ideas, one of which included a “disco ball pumpkin” using squares of silver duct tape on a plain orange pumpkin.  As soon as I heard ‘duct tape,’ I immediately started thinking of ways I could decorate a pumpkin of my own–but with a more ‘chic’ grown up look.  I started digging through my craft drawers, and enter GOLD DUCT TAPE! [I swear, whoever invented gold duct tape must be my soul mate.]


  • Pumpkin [faux is my fave!]
  • Spray paint
  • Gold duct tape [available at most office supply or craft stores]
  • Parchment paper
  • Scissors


First, in a well-ventilated area, spray paint your pumpkin.  I did two coats, letting my pumpkin dry completely between coats.

While your pumpkin is drying, pull out about one foot of your gold duct tape and adhere to a piece of parchment paper.  This will make the tape much easier to cut and won’t gunk up your scissors.  I chose triangles for this pumpkin, but you can cut your tape in whatever shape you choose.  Once your pieces are cut, they’ll easily peel off the parchment paper just like a sticker. [Thanks Family Fun Magazine for the most ingenious ideas. Ever.]

Once your pumpkin is dry, start placing your ‘stickers.’  I originally started with a more tribal design, but after playing around with layout, I ended up with this more geometric look.  Luckily, the duct tape easily peels up [without removing paint!], so you can move your stickers around until you get a design you like.

Who knew that spray paint and duct tape could produce something so chic?!?  For more chic Halloween and fall decor ideas, make sure you’re following along on Pinterest!


3 thoughts on “DIY: Duct Tape Pumpkin

  1. Allie

    I LOVE this idea!! I'm such a gold fan. Plus this is possibly the classiest pumpkin ever. Found your blog off The Everygirl and you have a new reader in me 🙂

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