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First, I’d like to preface this post with my sincerest apology that I haven’t posted in well over a month. [gasp!]  Y’all deserve better than that, for me to just leave y’all all high and dry. I started a new job at the first of the year and life has been a bit busy and crazy–as it tends to be–therefore SP&C was put on the back burner for a hot minute…but I’m back!

Today’s post focuses on a personally sensitive subject: the bookshelf + TV area in my living room.  While I still love my good ol’ IKEA shelving unit, styling it and area above it has been a bit of a struggle over the years.  It’s gone from bare to cluttered to awful DIY art and then back to bare again.  As I was taking down my Christmas decorations this year, I decided that I was finally going to do something with this space once and for all.  I knew I wanted to do some leaning art prints, but I just didn’t know what exactly I wanted or where to find it.  Enter

Known mainly for their extensive collection of cards, invitations and stationery, minted also offers quite the array of art prints from some of the most talented artists, graphic artists and photographers around–at wallet-friendly prices, I might add.  As I was scrolling through minted’s gallery, it was almost impossible to choose.  Something kept bringing me back to this gorgeous gazelle print by Natalie Groves, so into my ‘cart’ it went!

I already had a 16″ x 20″ frame in my “inventory,” but for those of you that aren’t certified hoarders like myself, minted offers fabulous framing options as well as styling ideas for each print–genius! Paired with my favored ‘For Like Ever’ print and some vintage flash cards, my little gazelle is right at home watching over the living room in all of his regality.  Have any of you purchased art from minted? I’d love to see how you styled them!

Gazelle print c/o

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  1. Katie | Spray Paint & Chardonnay Post author

    YES! I'm sorry – my "day job" has taken over every minute, and I haven't had a chance! New posts coming soon, I promise!

  2. Katie | Spray Paint & Chardonnay Post author

    Thanks, Diana!!! New posts are coming soon, I promise! Thanks for reading 🙂

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