Quick & Easy DIYs to Try!

Earlier this week, I shared some insanely easy, quick, and thrifty home decor and gift DIYs on Austin’s Studio512.  All of the projects featured require very few materials, time, or money! As mentioned in the segment, I made one of these while waiting in the wings on set! Click below to watch and after the jump, find out how you can recreate these on your own!


This tried and true DIY couldn’t be easier.  I used an acrylic tray from the Container Store, but you could also use a shadow box frame.  Cut some of your favorite wrapping paper down to size — I used this leopard print paper — then lightly coat the back of the paper with some Modge Podge and set it down in the tray.  I put some heavy books on top of the paper, so that the edges wouldn’t curl and it the paper would dry flat.  Once it has completely dried, your tray is ready for use!


One of my favorite DIY bloggers, Caitlin of Desert Domicile, shared this darling DIY a couple of years ago, so I can’t take credit for it!  Check out her full tutorial here [and be sure to check out some of her other awesome projects while you’re there!]


Check out my full post and tutorial here for this great little gift idea!  You can also get all of the supplies you need with some one-stop shopping at Darby Smart! [excuse the shameless promotional plug.]


Who doesn’t love a personalized coffee mug?  Check out my ‘Shhhh! There’s Wine in Here’ Sharpie mug tutorial I posted a couple of years ago, or for a little more glam, use a gold leaf pen.  If you’re using a Sharpie, bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes to ‘set’ your design.  I might recommend hand-washing these for the first 30 days, just to ensure  your creation won’t wash away. After that, these should be good to go in the dishwasher.


I was just smitten with these gold foiled cocktail glasses, but quickly realized I could easily recreate the look for a fraction of the price.  Using plain glassware I found for $2 at a local home store, I made sure they were thoroughly washed and dried and then used a gold leaf pen to write my saying of choice.  Be sure to hand-wash these beauties!


I found these wooden coasters at HomeGoods for about $5, and with my trusty gold leaf pen I simply drew on various designs, and voila!  Their chic value just went up.  Tie them together with some bakers string or twine, and they make the perfect little gift for any occasion.

What are your favorite DIYs to make on the fly?  I’ve to hear them in the comments below!

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