My Favorite Gold Spray Paints

I get the question alot,  “What’s your favorite gold spray paint?”  And while I like to think all spray paints are created equal, I definitely have my ‘go-tos” for various projects.  Today I’m talking about my top-three favorites as well as sharing some helpful spray painting tips.

Montana Gold by far has the best quality and and coverage of all spray paints I’ve tried, but I’ll be 100% honest with you and say that their gold isn’t my #1 favorite.  However, it’s perfect for projects when you want a more muted, brassier gold.  I used ‘Goldchrome‘ on this pig figurine, and it perfectly achieved the vintage brass effect I was looking for.  I’ve also used it on draw pulls and knobs for the same look.  Note that Montana Gold spray paints take a bit longer to completely dry than most paints.  I recommend letting your object sit for at least 24 hours before touching.

A tried and true favorite that rarely lets me down, Krylon’s Metallic spray paint is the perfect shade of gold (even though it says ‘brass’!), goes on smoothly and dries quickly. I’ve used this for both my beloved bar cart, and this darling little peace-sign figurine.  With this paint, I recommend doing two coats, allowing for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second.

I love this spray paint!  It’s a much brighter gold than others I’ve tried, and goes on like a champ.  Like Krylon’s other products, it’s smooth and has a quicker drying time than most.  I wanted the deer mount in my bedroom to be extra fabulous, so I used this when painting the antlers.


  • ALWAYS spray paint in a well ventilated area.
  • Be conscious of what’s around you as your painting, as spray paint “dust” tends to travel [We won’t talk about the time I spray painted a white shelf in too close of proximity to my black car.  Ok, well I just talked about it, and it was really dumb.  Thanks Mercedes Benz of Boerne for resolving that issue…That was a fun one to explain to the dealership!]
  • Spray paint takes longer to dry in colder temperatures.
  • Be patient and make sure your project is completely dry before you handle.  Otherwise, you risk fingerprints and smudges that are hard to cover up.
What are some of your favorite spray paints to use? Share them along with your favorite spray painted projects in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Gold Spray Paints

  1. Shane McQuillan


    I like your style, I just have one question, it has got to do with reflectiveness of the gold chrome you are using, do you like more of a matt finish which is quite dull or would you prefer a much more reflective finish? Personally, I prefer the more reflective style when i am working as a painter, but when I look at the deer head you have mounted, it looks to be quite a dull finish and works very well.

  2. Katie | Spray Paint & Chardonnay Post author

    Hi Renee! No, I normally don't – but it probably wouldn't hurt!

  3. Katie | Spray Paint & Chardonnay Post author

    Shane, thanks so much for your comment! As for shiny vs. matte, it just depends on what I'm painting. The deer mount looks more dull only because I didn't seal the antlers before I painted them and they kind of absorbed the gold spray paint more than a normal surface, causing it to look more matte that normal.

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