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This November, I will have lived in my house for SIX years!  While it’s definitely been through it’s fair share of ‘updates,’ I can’t seem to leave well enough alone, and feel like it’s time for yet another mini-makeover — starting with my living room.  I’m wanting a more minimalistic look, well, in comparison to what I have now!  I realize that my version of ‘minimalistic’ is most people’s version of ‘way too much stuff.’  And while I still love me some color, I’m wanting to tone it down a bit, with more subtle hues (i.e. swapping out my current teal chairs for these navy beauties).

Luckily, my itch to re-do everything comes at the perfect time, since Texas Antique Weekend kicks off this weekend.  I’ve done my research, and have my shopping list ready!  Here’s hoping I have more luck at the fall show than in the spring!

If you’re not able to hit up Antique Weekend this year, a great online resource for fabulous vintage finds is Chairish.  It’s almost like you’re at Round Top, but you don’t have to drive, wander in the heat, or deal with masses of people–so basically, it’s awesome.  Their selection ranges from furniture to home decor and art, and it’s chock full of ‘curator-approved’ treasures–like those navy and chrome chairs and that darling little brass stool. One of the things I love best about Chairish, is that you can shop by location and pick-up local items for free!

All of this being said, stay tuned for more room updates.  And be sure to follow along on Instagram and Pinterest to check my progress!  Hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll be able to have a whole brand new Home Tour to show y’all.  Fingers crossed! 

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