DIY: Ombré Drink Dispenser

Summer is the ideal time to sit back, kick your feet up and relax with friends and family — making it the perfect opportunity for some outdoor entertaining.  From backyard barbecues to parties on the patio, make your summer gathering one to remember with this quick and easy drink dispenser DIY!  Plus, this project includes two of my favorite things: spray paint and cocktails.


Krylon ‘Stained Glass’ Spray Paint in Soft Blue (available at your nearest Hobby Lobby!)
Krylon ‘Stained Glass’ Spray Paint in Cobalt Blue
– Glass Drink Dispenser
– Painter’s Tape


First, remove the spigot from the drink dispenser [it should easily unscrew from the inside], and set it aside.  With a small piece of painter’s or masking tape, cover the spigot opening from the inside of the dispenser to prevent any paint from getting in.

Tip: It’s important that you’re working with a clean surface, so you might want to wipe down the dispenser with some glass cleaner before you start painting.  

Shake each can of spray paint for about a minute to ensure an even spray.  In a well ventilated area, start with your darkest color and spray along the bottom of the dispenser, stopping at about one-third of the way up.  With the stained glass paint, (which I was so excited to try, thanks to Krylon!) it’s important to do multiple thin layers so you can achieve an even color.  You might start to feel like it’s going to be too opaque after a number of coats, but I promise it will dry translucent to get that “stained glass” effect!

After a few thin layers of the cobalt blue, I then switched to the lighter, soft blue.  As I mentioned, I stopped at about one-third of the way up the dispenser so I could start creating the ombré effect. Starting at just above the cobalt blue, I repeated the process with the soft blue, stopping at about the two-third mark of the dispenser.

Once I was finished with the soft blue, I went back with a few light swipes with the cobalt blue to blend the two colors together.  This is the best way to get that perfect ombré!  You might need to go back with the soft blue as well, so that your colors are evenly blended.  Total paint time only takes about 15 minutes!  Once finished, I let the dispenser dry for about 24 hours before handling.  This is mainly due to the fact that it’s been so humid and rainy in Texas, so if you’re in a drier climate, it’s likely safer to handle after five or six hours. When you’re certain it’s dry, remove the tape from the inside and replace the spigot.  Make sure it’s screwed in tightly to prevent any leaks!

The final step? Fill with your favorite summer-time beverage (boozy or not!), invite your friends over, and wait for them to oooh and ahhh over your fancy new dispenser!  Cheers!

Tip: Be sure to hand wash your dispenser after use, so that you can preserve all of your hard work! 

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