Late last year, Food Network Magazine asked 50 DIY bloggers, one from each state, to decorate an Easter egg in a way that represented their state. I was beyond honored to be asked to represent the great state of Texas, and quickly started brainstorming as to how I could decorate an egg that would shine as big & bright as the stars at night…..deep in the heart of TEXAS.

Inspired by the West Texas skies of Marfa and a souvenir poster purchased on a recent cross-country road trip out west, I came up with this “TEGG-sus Starry Night” egg!



  • Hard-boiled or faux craft egg (Mine is an Eggnot!)
  • Water color paints (navy, purple, magenta)
  • White acrylic or craft paint
  • Medium sized paint brush (flat, .25″)
  • Medium sized paint brush (flat, .5-.75″)
  • Pencil thin paint brush
  • Plastic paint tray


Using navy, purple, and magenta water color paints, I painted the egg with an ombré effect.  So that the colors really blended together, I just kept mixing colors together and adding a touch more water along the way.

Once the water color paint had dried, I thinned down some white acrylic paint with water, and with a dry, wide (.5″-.75″) and flat paint brush, I flicked white paint all over the egg to create the stars.  Fanning the paint soaked brush out with your index finger over the egg gives you the best effect.

Lastly, With a very thin paint brush, I used more white acrylic paint (not watered down!) and free-handed the moon, cacti, and other dessert plants.   Both types of paints used are very quick-drying, so this project took very little time.

Thanks to Food Network Magazine for including Spray Paint & Chardonnay!  The April issue is on stands now, so go pick up a copy for 49 other EGGcellent decorating ideas!

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