If you’re like me, given the opportunity (and an unlimited budget), you would gladly make your home look like it was ripped from the pages of an Anthropologie catalog.  And, if you’re also like me, you’ve got that Veuve Clicquot taste but you’re working with a boxed wine budget. Am I right, ladies?!

Like I said in my previous DIY post, I’m always looking for budget-friendly ways to recreate items that give me the heart eyes, and today’s project is just that.  When I first saw  Anthropologie’s Colorado Footed Bowl  I was all, “I NEED that!” Then, after I thought about it, I was all, “I can MAKE that!”–and with things I already had at home.  I’ll be honest, $48.00 isn’t at all unreasonably priced for this piece.  I’d totally buy it, but I love little projects and thought this would be a fun one to try. And it was!  Scroll down for this quick and easy ‘How-To’!



Make sure both the bowl and glass are clean and dry before starting.  Turn the bowl over and apply a generous amount of the adhesive to the bottom.  Center the bottom of the glass onto the the back of the bowl and press firmly.  If any adhesive seeps out from between the glass and bowl, wipe it away with a damp paper towel.

After the adhesive has fully dried (about an hour) and the glass and the bowl are securely attached, you’re ready to paint!  In a well ventilated area, apply the spray paint of your choice (make sure it adheres to glass!), use swift, sweeping motions.  I gave my footed bowl 2-3 coats, waiting 10 to 15 minutes in between each coat.  The bowl will be dry to the touch after about 15 minutes, but let the whole thing dry for 24 hours before putting anything in it.

That’s it! This project was so incredibly easy to make and adds a fun, modern touch to any space.

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